RIMAS is the Middle East’s most trusted supplier of Italian-grade furnishings – grounding us as the first choice for all clients in the GCC looking for a trusted partner in their interior design journey. Whether it be completely revamping their space from a blank canvas to spicing up their current project with our unique and shining pieces.

Our founders have spent years touring the globe to find the best quality raw materials from the hotspots of luxury furnishing. After years of trial and testing, they landed upon a partnership in Italy, where they were able to handpick and personally select top-of-the-line materials to incorporate into their luxurious wardrobe designs.

Now in the GCC, you have full access to the most exclusive pieces that are timeless yet trendy and will withstand generations of loving owners getting quality usage out of it. Our aim at RIMAS is to create pieces that are not only beautiful but also useable.


The company has local & international suppliers. The company has kitchen experience since 2005. The company provides design, installation & maintenance of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes & vanity counters.

RIMAS Provides A Luxurious Line Of  Wardrobe